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The [LE] War Launcher is a PERL script used to launch WWII Online on Linux. For now, it only launches WWII from one of the links above (unless you are 1337). You will need PERL to run this. It is free, comes with almost all Linux distributions, and is most likely already installed on your linuxbox.

Keep in mind that this script is still in it's beta phase and is highly UNTESTED. It may not work well across different setups. But that is what feedback is for.


To launch from the webpage, you must first download the [LE] War Launcher script. You should not need to configure the script at all. But if it does not work, take a look at the script with your favorite text editor, and read the comments at the top of the script. If it still does not work, post to the forum and leave a detailed description about what did (or did not) happen and we'll try to help you out. Click one of the two links above to go either to axis or allies. The first time you click one of the links, your browser should say, "What should I do with this type of file?". Choose "Open With..." and browser for the location of the launcher you just downloaded and it should start WWII Online.


Download (Gzipped Tarball) - lewarlauncher.pl.tar.gz - 761 bytes
View Script - lewarlauncher.pl - 1272 bytes

This script is BETA! It will not move out of beta until we package some nice instructions and readmes with it and are convinced that it works really really well.

You can either download the script and save it or copy-and-paste it into a file then chmod it to 755, or download the gzipped tarball and extract it by typeing 'tar -zxvf lewarlauncher.pl.tar.gz'. I recommend downloading the tarball if you don't know quite what I'm talking about. The tarball does NOT come with any readmes or instructions, just the script. This is it for now. Again, leave any problems in the Open Discussion Forum. Any suggestions or problem reports will help greatly!